Friday, May 20, 2011

Bachelor #1: Tire Guy

My date with bachelor #1 started out with more drama than I anticipated. He approached me online and after a few chats back and forth I decided to give it a shot.

I was looking forward to the date when, mere minutes before arriving, I hit a damn crater in the middle of 18th street and got a my mother's car. 

I'm fully serious. Can't make this shit up. These are typically signs of either utter catastrophe or ironic luck. 

I remained optimistic in the hopes that this would make a great story for my date and I to one day tell our grandkids.

I called my date and he very graciously offered to come wait with me for roadside assistance. I felt awful but agreed it would be better than having him wait for me alone at the restaurant.

I was immediately impressed by his actions, yet admittedly judgmental about his voice.

I hate to say it, but he sounded a bit on the effeminate side, especially when he confessed he didn't know what to do about the flat because he didn't drive in the city.

We hadn't spoken on the phone before our date, something that should've been a pre-requisite...and will be from here on in. 

When he arrived I was a bit disappointed. I could tell right away that he was not my kind of guy...something I obviously didn't get from our online interaction. 

There's only so much you can gauge from a photograph. Let's just say that although I'm not looking to meet Paul Bunyon, I do realize I'm attracted to somewhat manly men. 

I'm not the world's girliest girl so I want a guy who makes me feel like a lady. In this case, it was clear that I'd be getting down and dirty changing the tire before him. 

But, he was cool and I was in it, so I was determined to enjoy it for what it was...a nice dinner date. You never know what unexpected things can happen in meeting new people.

He was incredibly nice, engaging and above all, very chivalrous. He even offered to run out to my car to feed the sweet! 

We had great discussions and I genuinely enjoyed his company. He did everything right, but despite all that I felt nothing in the way of attraction. Sucks.  

For the record, bachelor #1 was not nearly as nerdy as this guy, though he did mention playing the trumpet in his high school band. He was a self-proclaimed "dork" back then.

While he likely came a long way from those days, sadly it was not far enough for my taste. It was simply a case of incompatibility.

Turns out the tire was the highlight. While I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation,  I was secretly relieved the tire debacle had spared me some time on a date I knew would never lead to anything romantic.

With regards to the pun in the last sentence, I plead guilty...I never said I wasn't a dork. With that in mind, I'll say that by the end of the night I was right on par with the tire...deflated. But the search continues!

I wouldn't mind dating someone more like the Old Spice Guy...who would? A cross between that and a dork would be ideal. I'm just throwing it out there in case God is listening.

Have an amazing weekend!

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