Wednesday, May 18, 2011

And then there were none...

Where to begin...well, I'll begin by saying thank God for this blog. Because of this blog, dating experiences that would otherwise be downright depressing are instead comical.

It's giving me incentive to not only stay out there, but to embrace the hilarity of situations as they arise because, at the very least, they'll be fun to share with you.

I've been mulling over the dilemma of whether or not to share the fact that I'm blogging with guys I meet. There are a few challenges this poses.

Firstly, how do I stay authentic with someone I'm dating without telling them I'm doing this? It's a big part of my life and I don't like lying or hiding things.

With that said, obviously it's not necessary to share my entire life story until I get to know someone a little bit.

The second issue is in the writing itself. Is it fair to share details about dates without the other party knowing? Or better yet, what if they find out after the fact that I've been writing about them all along.

Even if I don't write about them, once they know I've been writing, they can check out my entire dating history with one click.

The biggest question of come Carrie Bradshaw never ran into this problem?

At this point I have committed to being as honest and open as possible on both ends. I will share as much as I can without sacrificing anyone's privacy or my own integrity in dating.

I guess the exposure of a blog is a risk by that apparently I am willing to take.

To sum up, the three men I was in contact with this week are no longer in the picture. Sigh. You'll understand the sigh after you hear the dirty details about each guy. Stay tuned for the breakdown on bachelor #1 this Friday.

Back to square one.

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