little miss WHO?

Creative guru. Spiritual explorer. Student of life. Citizen of the world. 

My name is Sabrina. I’m a multi-passionate, multi-talented woman who’s figuring out what she wants to be when she’s all grown up. 

In some ways I'm already there. In others I'll be forever young and free-spirited. I'm realizing it's all about the ride anyway. 

The destination? The view constantly changes but it's always about getting to the present moment.  

I'm offering juicy goodies at every turn to help you live your life with a little more MOJO.

What the F*%# is MOJO?

MOJO = lifeforce

One definition literally translates MOJO as magic power.

It's the term I use for all things empowerment; the mind-body-soul-spirit fuel that fires our very being. 

Empowerment isn't for everyone, but perhaps it should be. We could all use a little more in this world. The key is realizing it starts within.

If you're "too cool" for that, this isn't for you. I welcome anyone willing to curb their cynicism. My hope is you'll curb it just long enough to consider giving it up for good.

Life is a constant exchange of energy. I'm on a mission to spread the good stuff. It's not always easy but it's definitely worth fighting for.

I'm a creative writer running my own copywriting business, WORD-OLOGY. I spent several years working in the film industry, and before that, interior design. 

Let’s see, what else… I use these (…) a lot and I can be a bit aggressive with these (!!!). I’m enthusiastic… don’t hate!!! 

In case you missed it, I also have a tendency to curse. Hope you can hang with that. Sometimes it's just the best way to get the point across... and other times it just feels good.

I NEVER anticipated writing a blog, let alone one where I revealed so much vulnerability. I barely posted to Facebook. 

But something pushed me to go for it despite an enormous fear of judgment. I started pushing my comfort zone, and little by little this blog was born. 

I've always lived a bit off the beaten path. I've traveled to some pretty amazing locations and have many more on the list. It's my favorite thing in life. That and photography. 

My dream is to make a living traveling the world... preferably on a Vepsa. Or a yacht. Either would be cool. 

We all need to be reminded to keep our dreams and desires in the forefront. Passion is like a plant that'll wilt and fade without proper nourishment.  

I fully believe in the power of possibility. Dreams don't come easy, but they're well worth the effort in the end. At the same time, I consider myself a realist. Optimistic realist.

Jump on board and ride with me? No admission required. Just a little faith, humor, and humility. And of course, heart. 

Every day is a learning experience and a gift. I'm a student of life, for life. The classroom is boundless and always in session.

My hope is to compare notes so we can ace this test together. 

Wherever you are and whatever your story, I’m confident you’ll find something relatable, inspiring, or at least relatively amusing here.

As life evolves, so will this blog. I plan on sharing all that I can with you here… from the lighthearted to the life changing. 

I hope you’ll get in the game, but even if you prefer to watch from the sidelines, you’re bound to stumble onto some things that make you go HMM. (Lots more cheesy 80s/90s references where that came from.)

Expect incredible breakthroughs, humbling missteps, and everything in between. 

Thanks so much for stopping by. Hope to see you again soon!!!