Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Silver Lining

When your personal forecast rapidly goes from bright and sunny to dark and gloomy...AKA, when a massive sh*tstorm rolls into can be hard to see or feel anything good.

It's also in those times that you come face to face with what REALLY matters in life.

You get to experience just how much love and support is there to pick you up and pull you forward.

The last few weeks have been some of the most challenging I've had in a long while, but with the help of friends and family, I know things will work out just as they should.

It's also given me a chance to take a hard look at some things I've been needing to address for myself.

It's never comfortable admitting flaws, and it's even less comfortable doing the work to correct them.

But just like exercise, working through the resistance is what builds the muscle and gets you stronger. 

Somehow, no matter how life unfolds, we always manage to get what we need.

A wise friend told me that the other day...requires a lot of faith when things aren't going well. But that's ultimately what gets us through.

I have many wise friends. So lucky to have such amazing people in my life.

I've really missed writing.

Didn't realize how much it gets me going...just another layer in that silver lining.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Did anyone else gain 10 lbs over hurricane weekend? Ok, maybe it was 5...ok 2 1/2.

Had an impromptu porch party with specialty "hurricane" cocktails and a live neighbor across the street loves to recreate his glory days at the Palladium, so he broke out the speakers and we had a little dance party.

We all agreed to hang the next day for brunch, so I woke up the next morning and baked a tray of cookies. When everyone flaked, I had no choice but to eat the entire batch myself.  They were good cookies.

Is summer really over? WTF?

With a forecast finally free of natural disasters, I was able to squeeze in one last beach day this weekend. Thank GOD!

Like a true Staten Islander I headed to the Jersey Shore, where we somehow managed to avoid beach traffic and Snooki sightings. Miraculous!

And in perfect post-Labor Day fashion, my company officially opens its office doors today. It's kind of like the first day of school again.

Like most kiddies, I dressed in my best and took a bus...and then a subway...and then a car. It's a friggin' pilgrimage to get to Greenpoint!

Once I'm there, it's pretty damn great.

The office is amazing, which makes it easier to digest the trip.

And the neighborhood is pretty industrial but on its way, which makes it pretty interesting to daylight hours.

Can't believe I'm starting this new job. I can't believe I get to write and be creative for a living. I can't believe I get to be part of growing a company from day one.

There's only a handful of us right now so it's pretty amazing to start at the very beginning and watch it all unfold.

I thought I would be nervous. Haven't been in an office environment in a loooong time. But I'm actually psyched.

Website should be up soon...can't wait to share all the progress we make.

This summer seemed shorter than ever, but it was pretty sweet. Here's hoping yours was too...and that the warm weather lingers and we get to enjoy some more sun before the blizzards start rolling in!