Monday, May 16, 2011

Old School!

Once upon a time in a little land called Staten Island, some high school friends decided to reunite for old time's sake. 

It was all thrown together last minute on Facebook. We decided a few weeks ago to meet at a local bar. 

Only several people had responded to the invite so I had no idea what to expect. 

I was also pretty hungover from a late Friday night in the city, so admittedly, I wasn't in the most enthusiastic mindset. 

But I walked in, saw the faces of old friends I grew up with and was immediately transported to another time and space. 

It was so surreal seeing everyone. It felt like so much time had passed, yet no time had passed. 

It was amazing to kick back some beers, reminisce and compare stories...some of which I barely remembered. 

Every generation has it's own soundtrack of songs that define the time. It was pretty great when Biggie's "Juicy" came on and the whole crew started dancing like it was 1994.

A few of us finished off the night at the local diner with cheese fries and gravy, an old school favorite.  
Aside from the new name and facelift at the diner, it was like nothing had changed. 

Next year is the 15th anniversary of our graduation, so we all agreed to do it up even bigger and better for that. 

It was a great preliminary celebration and I couldn't be more thankful I was in a great space to enjoy it. 


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