Monday, May 23, 2011


The world didn't come to an end this weekend...yay!

You might remember a week or two ago when I posted about the great things that were happening, seemingly all at once...three dates in a week, work progress, etc.

There was a happy, colorful cloud pic involved. The title of the post - When it rains it pours.

Sure does. Only the cloud looked a bit bleaker this week.


I spent most of my weekend agonizing over how to cook the endless amount of meat that thawed when our freezer broke down.

It was a mess. Meat juice everywhere. The entire place smelled like meat!

My mother is away for the week, which sadly left me in charge of dealing with it all.

I'm a decent cook, but I was really out of my league on this one. I felt so guilty throwing it out so I figured I'd have to try.

I was determined to make it work without burning the house down.
She gave me a few recipes to work with but it was literally overwhelming to try and cook so much at once. She had enough meat in there to feed a small country!

The freezer guy came Saturday, 5 min before my sister walked in with her new man. 

It was chaotic, but awesome. We bbq'd some of the meat and after a bottle of vino I was over the whole situation. 

Then I woke up from my nap and realized I still had a kitchen full of meat to cook asap and a party to get ready for in the city.  

Let me paint you a picture...there was rib roast, turkey roast, chicken cutlets, chicken wings and thighs, chicken nuggets, steak, a price-club sized bag of stadium-sized hotdogs, mini hotdogs (which I took to my softball game yesterday), kebab meat, meatballs, several bags of ground beef, burger patties, turkey patties, veal cutlets, canadian bacon, etc., etc., etc. 

I'm not kidding. I had 5 shopping bags full of meat. My sister took some, my neighbors took some, the garbage took some and I'm actually STILL cooking some. 

Some cooking was successful, some not so much. Might be a good time to consider the Atkins diet. Memorial Day weekend is rapidly approaching. 

I even called a friend to see if her fireman husband wanted to take some to his firehouse. I tried to throw together a super last minute bbq but that didn't happen. 

I'm not sure why it stressed me out so much but it did. My whole weekend became about the meat...not letting it go to waste, that is. Something to ponder in therapy perhaps. 

Sunday rolled around and I woke up early to cook some more before my softball double-header in Central Park. 

I hoped that playing would take some of the edge off but something interesting happened along the way. 

After spending half an hour looking for parking, my teammates called me to say that they would chip in for parking. So I turned the next block to head towards a lot.

And as I rounded the corner, if you can believe it, I encountered a pothole and got a f-ing flat tire. 

Yes, ANOTHER one. That's twice in one week. WTF?!

I've been pretty optimistic about things lately, but ARE YOU F-ING KIDDING ME?!!! 
I can't lie, I wanted to ram my fist through the steering wheel. Instead I sobbed like a little girl.

I started feeling like that guy Eddie Mush from A Bronx Tale

Could this be some twisted karmic payback for my post about Tire Guy, my date from last week? Hmm. 

Didn't think I was that harsh. But now I'm debating on sharing my other recent dating stories. Maybe I'll just wait for Ladies Night.

Or maybe sometimes shit just happens. Either way, hopefully I'm good for a while.

I reminded myself today of another post, Treasure Your Trash, from a few weeks back. I thought about the quote that inspired it... 

“If we all threw our problems in a pile and saw everyone else’s, we’d grab ours back.”
  Written by Regina Brett, 90 yrs old, Cleveland, Ohio

Once again, something to think about. 

I do have enough kick ass chilli for the whole week. Too bad I think I'm officially a vegetarian. Anyone hungry? 

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