Friday, July 15, 2011

The dog ate my homework!

As I prepared yesterday for today's re-launch, I noticed something strange happening with my mac.

The screen started flashing like a strobe light. Thought I was at a rave, circa 1995. The only thing missing was glo sticks. 

I ran to the apple store thinking it was a side effect of a long needed battery replacement.

Instead, I was told the entire display needed to be replaced.

Three hours and a $2K credit card charge later, I was the proud owner of a shiny new Macbook Air.

Not what I expected but I'm rolling with it.

It's a huge investment but it's my lifeline. And I'm banking on my new company taking off with flying colors.

I'll probably get the display fixed on my current laptop anyway cause it's otherwise in great shape.

Reminds me of the car...old, cranky and unwilling to reverse, but still a ton of life left.

Takes a full week if they send it to Apple and I couldn't afford to be without a computer that long.

It already feels like an eternity and it's only been 24 hours.

In truth I've been loathing my macbook pro anyway because it's so damn heavy and I literally have knots in my shoulder from lugging it around.

The Air is super lightweight so I can take it everywhere and be able to write without an issue.

Also got my new iPhone a few days ago, so at this point I'd say Apple should do the right thing and pick up my health insurance bill.

So, unfortunately I was unable to finish the necessary prep work to launch today. My sincere apologies.

Looking forward to that early next week...finally!

Have an amazing weekend...

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