Wednesday, September 19, 2012


It's amazing how once you discover something truly powerful for yourself, the Universe drops more powerbombs in your path. 

The awesome video above by one of my new superheros - empowerment master, Marie Forleois a perfect example. 

It offers practical tips for overcoming fear of success and emphasizes the power of the subconscious mind in how our lives manifest. 100% relevant in my world... and perhaps yours too.  

Like so many others, I've been faced with overcoming my fear of success. It sounds ridiculous to admit being fearful of something we all want... or at least say we do. How can we be afraid of that? Easily.

Here are just 5 reasons we fear success:
1) we're afraid we'll fail 
2) we're afraid we'll threaten or alienate others
3) we're afraid we'll get what we want and it won't be satisfying
4) we're afraid we won't have time or energy for anything or anyone else once we have it (i.e., we'll have to sacrifice something major)
5) we're afraid we'll lose ourselves

Last week I acknowledged my very real desire to take this blog to the next level and ultimately make it my full-time gig. Yeah baby!

I've hesitated for a long time for many reasons - most notably that f-ing voice in my head guilting me with all the "CONCERNS & SHOULDS" about committing to another entrepreneurial venture... one that will take time and effort away from securing a  "safe and stable" job. 

When I put all that aside and really gave myself permission to look at my needs and wants without judgment, three things became undeniably clear...

1) For the first time ever, I'm clear and confident that this is what I want. HALLE-FRIGGIN-LUJAH!... THANK YOU GOD!!!

2) YES, I have real concerns about how I'll make it all happen... and that's ok. I know as I continue to get clearer, I'LL FIND A WAY.

3) NO, I'm not willing to put my dreams to bed just yet... not without a fight, anyway. NO GUTS, NO GLORY!

Sometimes we can't see why we're stuck. It's a shitty feeling that signals the need for deeper investigation. Uncovering the reasons I'd been holding myself back freed me up to get the hell out of my own way. How? 

Consider that your mind is like an iceberg, with just a small percentage living consciously, out in the open air. The rest is hidden in your subconscious, where it can only be explored by going down deep beneath the surface

Here at the surface, I'd been saying I wanted success for myself and I was taking action toward that end. But deep down in the depths of my subconscious, my beliefs didn't align.  

I'd been afraid to really admit that I was clear about what I wanted. That would then mean I had to go for it, and let's face it, that can be terrifying. 

But the biggest fear wasn't the commitment. It was that I wasn't capable or deserving. I feared I'd fail, or get overwhelmed and ultimately have to sacrifice everything else - friends, a love life, children, my sanity. Sound familiar?

At times the subconscious fears were so strong, I'd somehow sabotage my own efforts. That would leave me beyond confused and essentially hating myself. Not good.

I was either acting without clear intention, or worse, in opposition of my real intention. I was contradicting myself and sending very mixed messages to the Universe. 

Conscious or not, what we give out is almost always what we get right back...


What do you see for yourself in this conversation? What's lurking in your subconscious that keeps you from getting what you really want up here at the surface? 

Watch the video! Acknowledge what you really want and consider that your fears about getting there are the only thing standing in your way. 



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