Monday, August 27, 2012

MOJO MONDAY: The secret to being happy.

We've all heard the phrase "being happy comes from within." 
But how do we access that when we don't yet have what we want or we have too much of something we don't want? 

The secret to being happy lies in...

  • accepting your present situation, however imperfect it may be 
  • taking powerful action to change what isn't working
  • being present as opposed to being stuck in your stories about the past or future
  • taking real responsibility for your actions & reactions, regardless of others
  • choosing to be grateful instead of resentful, loving instead of angry, generous instead of self-centered, & understanding instead of right
  • seeing what's possible instead of what's wrong
  • appreciating who you are instead of what you're not, and what you have instead what you don't 

or simply put...

We all have dreams.
We all face circumstances.
We all have a choice in the way we approach both.

If you look beyond your limiting beliefs and reasons, you'll find you have so much more power than you ever thought possible.

Choose love. Choose gratitude. Choose happiness.

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