Friday, July 20, 2012


There are some situations in life that no words can comfort or explain.

I'm remembering my recent post about turning challenges into opportunities. I'm trying not to roll my eyes... at myself.

The struggle may SUCK in the moment, but it's an opportunity for change that can lead to something better. Considering that gives us permission to ease up and stop worrying.

Sometimes the best way to move forward is to STOP and BREATHE... aka, BREAK & REBOOT.

Part of dealing with whatever you're dealing with is giving yourself space to deal... and reaching out for support.

So many of us are unable to do that... we're too proud to admit our imperfections, afraid of being judged, afraid of being a burden or an annoyance, afraid of disappointing those around us, afraid of being vulnerable, afraid no one will understand, afraid of facing our shit and taking responsibility for it.

Sometimes we just put ourselves last on the list. We tell ourselves we've got it. And sometimes we think it's better to pretend we do, even when we don't.

We play that game with ourselves as much as we do with everyone around us. Then we wind up feeling depleted, getting burnt out, and making those around us suffer.

Why do we associate asking for help with weakness?

Real strength is in admitting you're human, and just owning wherever you are.

No one is gonna be "on" 100% of the time... ever. Anyone pretending to be is full of shit.

Asking for help - in business, in life - is a sign of wisdom, character, and leadership.

There's nothing empowering in pretending to be strong when you're really dealing with things beyond your current capacity. And it doesn't mean you're not capable EVER.

It just means that right now, you need to break and reboot.... a day at the spa, time with/without the kids, delegating to an assistant/intern/nanny, calling a friend, therapy, the gym, or scheduling some time to do absolutely nothing.

The point is, it's more than ok to take a time out and reboot... it's necessary to your survival and your success as a human being.

Have a beautiful weekend.

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