Thursday, June 21, 2012

FUNK THAT! Top 10 tips for an instant mood makeover...

This post was inspired by the horrendously stressful morning I had yesterday, and my commitment to regain my MOJO and not let it ruin my entire day.

We all have those moments and sometimes it's easier to work our way out than others. It takes energy, focus, and motivation, which we usually lack when we're in that head space.

Surprisingly, sometimes we even find it easier to indulge our funk than put in the effort to get out. It's easy to get comfortable in a cycle of negativity. If you're prone to depression, that can be dangerous territory.

A bad mood can turn into a bad day, a bad day into a bad week, and pretty soon you're under the covers with a pint of Ben & Jerry's on a sunny summer afternoon. FUNK THAT shit!

Instead, rip off the bandaid and do what you've gotta do to get back to yourself... ASAP.

Here are my top 10 tips for an instant mood makeover... Comment below to share yours!

1- change your tune - Music feeds the soul. Put in your earbuds and listen to your favorite upbeat songs. You may not feel it right away, but keep listening and you'll find the switch hard to resist. Have a stash of inspiring go-to music on standby (or turn on Pandora - Bob Marley and U2 work or me.).

2- schedule a 30-minute massage - This was the turning point in my day. You can find virtually anything in Manhattan at any time. If you're at work, use your lunch hour to rejuvenate. If you can't find a massage place, try a nail salon... even a 10 minute hand/neck/foot massage can give you new life.

3- animals & babies - I can literally feel an instant physical change in my state when I pet a dog, or engage a smiling baby or playful kid. If you absolutely can't stand babies, kids, or animals, connect to something else that makes your heart happy. Otherwise, umm this blog might not be for you.

4- get outside of yourself (i.e., your head) by engaging in a focused activity. Sometimes we need to break a negative cycle of thoughts by putting our attention elsewhere. The idea is to get out of your head... just be careful not to become an escape artist who doesn't deal with their shit. It'll keep coming back up anyway.

5- go for a walk, preferably someplace serene and/or invigorating - the process of walking tends to clear the mind and gets the blood flowing. Just stay away from Times Square. Get moving, get present.

6- be nice - chances are if you're feeling shitty, you could use some compassion. The best way to get is to give. A lady complimented my sweater as we passed each other in the subway yesterday. So nice! I immediately smiled. Do the same for someone else - smile, say hello, offer a compliment (the non-creepster kind). Force yourself to engage someone else when you're feeling bleh. You'll take the attention off yourself and adopt a more positive attitude. (Ever notice how feeling shitty breeds more shitty happenings?)

7- meditate - I strapped on my headphones and did a 10-minute breathing exercise in the middle of Starbucks. No one seemed to notice and it was actually a great challenge to focus despite all the chaos around me.

8- exercise - spin class, an intense run, the batting or golf range, or even a brisk walk will get the endorphins flowing. Sweating out the stress feels great and gives you an immediate feeling of accomplishment. It also takes the focus from your racing thoughts to your body. Sex counts ;)

9- connect with nature - walk barefoot in the grass, lay under a tree, sit in the sun for a few minutes, look closely at a flower. It's impossible not to appreciate the beauty and calmness in nature.

10- phone a friend - call someone who will both support you and call you out on your shit. Good friends will listen without judgment and encourage you to dust yourself off... not allow you to go on and on with your sob story.

11- treat yo'self - have some mac and cheese or a warm chocolate chip cookie (as I did yesterday), buy yourself some flowers or a fun magazine. Do not... I REPEAT, DO NOT indulge in irresponsible retail therapy. Sorry ladies (and gents). I'm guilty of it too, but it always comes back to bite you in the ass.

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Have an amazing weekend!


  1. Great ideas...I love having any excuse to have a massage and run barefoot through the grass! Thanks.xo

  2. Haha, thanks!! Yes, a little frolicking is good for the soul. xo

  3. Good tips here......I have to do at least 3-4 of these in the very near future....i.e. now. Nice blog Miss Mojo :)

  4. Thanks!! So appreciate that. Yup, even doing one when you're having "a day" will help turn it around.