Thursday, May 10, 2012

Isn't it ironic?

How about a side of reality with that plate of optimism?

It seems that when you proclaim "aint no mountain high enough," (as I did in a post a few weeks ago), the universe tests your theory by putting one directly in your path... right up in your face actually.

Just days after that post, the company I was consulting for part-time closed up shop... at least temporarily.

I was developing concepts, creating activities, and writing content for kids based on social-environmental issues like eating disorders, wildlife conservation, leadership, and community service... refreshing considering all the negative influences out there.

It definitely sucked to hear the news, but mental survival mode kicked into high gear and I assured myself that all would be fine and everything happens for a reason. 

After all, I survived the much more stressful divorce from "that other startup job" last summer.

I look back and almost laugh at how upset I got at the time, and how much I could've avoided that by accepting the situation instead of resisting it.

Sometimes you just have to trust that everything happens for a reason.

But even knowing that, I couldn't help being a little jaded. It was the 2nd job in a less than a year that fell through. Really?

As it sank in, I grew frustrated and started planning myself a little pity party.

Then I remembered two things that snapped me out of it:

1) there are thousands of people who survived massive job losses over the last few years

2) the only guests at a pity party are you and your misery

I can only imagine how difficult the recovery process must be for people who are tied to their jobs for years like marriages.

It's jolting to say the least when something you're so invested in suddenly ends without warning.

The reality is there's nothing we can do about uncontrollable circumstances, but we can control our reaction.

I let myself be upset within reason and quickly moved forward. It's nice to see my rebound rate improving.

It was a short but sweet experience that genuinely inspired me, and I truly hope they find a way back.

In the meantime, my focus is to grow WORD-OLOGY. Things are going really well so far.

I'll be sharing what it's been like to launch my own business as it all unfolds. Stay tuned!

If you're interested in starting your own business, it'll hopefully provide some practical tips for getting the ball rolling, and inspire you to take the plunge for yourself.

And as for that mountain... still climbing, and actually loving it!


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