Monday, April 30, 2012

Mojo Monday!: Fortunate Wisdom

Those fortune cookie people are pretty wise.

I love finding simple statements that are so profound... and so damn true. 

We often assume people will just know where we're coming from, as if they have access to all the things going on in our heads. 

But just as we can't read their minds and can only judge their words and actions, they too can't read ours. 

Make your intentions clear. Act. Don't assume others know anything other than what they hear you say and see you do.

You can have the best intentions, but intent isn't seen or heard or felt. All anyone knows is what you actually show them. 

In the same respect, there's likely more than meets the eye going on behind someone else's action or inaction. Take a moment to consider that and inquire before you rush to judgment.

Hmm, if only the laws of clear communication were emphasized in our learning the way multiplication and the periodic table are, the world might be a more peaceful, loving place. 

Just saying. 

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