Thursday, November 24, 2011

TGIBF: Thank God It's Black Friday!


We interrupt this regularly scheduled "travel thursdays" programming to bring you this "thank God it's black friday" post.

It's unseasonably beautiful out and if I can manage to venture outside and avoid a crazy shopper armed with pepper spray or anyone resembling that psycho Target lady, it should turn out to be an amazing day.

Shop safe out there people!

All it takes is a few moments each day to reflect and recognize that no matter where you are in your life, as long as you're breathing, there's something to be thankful for.

10 things I'm thankful for...
1) Deep sleeps in my cozy, comfortable bed
2) A year of incredible growth
3) Living in a time of cars...I LOVE driving! And I'm way too impatient for horse and buggy...although riding a horse to the market for farm fresh groceries could be cool.
4) Living in a place where I can:
 -wear what I want, when I want
 -say what I want, when I want
 -go where I want, when I want
 -essentially do what I want, when I want
 -walk outside without the constant fear of being harassed, kidnapped, tortured, bombed, raped, or killed.

Seriously though.
I feel incredibly lucky I happened to be born on a part of the map where these things aren't as common as coffee is here.

5) Having loving parents and lovable sisters
6) Having friends that allow me to be completely vulnerable without the fear of judgment
7) Steaming hot showers

8) Being young and healthy enough to dance, sing, do the neurotic NYC speed-walk, play softball (though not nearly as well as I used to), run up subway stairs, and of course, drive.
9) The freedom of being able to just pick up and go anywhere
10) Never settling
11) BONUS: Still breathing

Even the little things make a healthy difference, so next time you're wrapped up in BS and not feeling particularly thankful, take the time to acknowledge a few things and notice your mood change like magic.

And if all else fails, be thankful you're not a friggin' turkey...

Happiest of Happy Thanksgivings!

I'm so incredibly thankful you've taken the time to read and support littlemissmojo.
I hope you've gotten even half as much from me as I have from you. 

Have a kick-ass weekend!

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