Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The very first MOJO mission!

After several rough weeks, things are looking brighter and the positive tide is rolling in again.

As part of, I created a forum called The MOJO mission, where people could share the projects they're doing in the community and help each other bring those projects to life.

Until now, it's been a blank slate. I figured the best way to kick it all off is with a project of my own!

I've never done community work before.

I've always loved the idea but as with some other things in my former life, I didn't really take responsibility and act on it.

I always thought I wouldn't have time, or that if I wanted to do something important it'd mean moving to Africa and living off the land in a clay hut.

Excuses, excuses.

So now that reality has set in and I'm aware that all it takes is focus and effort, I've embarked on a project right here at home.

I've been dying to share it with you and now that it has some solid direction I can. It started out small and it's getting bigger and better every day. 

I'm beyond proud and honestly surprised that so much has been possible in such a short amount of time. Crazy!

So, here's the lowdown...

The project comes out of a leadership course I've been taking. I've joined forces with my amazing classmate and friend Michelle, and together we're creating two components within one overall project.

The first component is called Community 101

It's a leadership and creative enrichment program for underprivileged teens.

We're starting with a small group and creating a curriculum of weekly workshops that will go on for 3-4 months. 

The students will learn a slew of new skills, all of which will help them create projects of their own and become leaders in their own communities.

We'll also incorporate field trips that will expose the kids to creative outlets and activities they might not otherwise experience. 

The ultimate goal is to succeed on a level that warrants implementation into the public school system. An uphill challenge for sure, but I really believe anything is possible.

The second component is more long-term and it's called Blueprint. It's a community youth center we're looking to acquire and build from scratch. 

We want to build it completely green and have it be a multi-functional space where the youth and community members can come to learn and connect.

We have a specific building in mind that's been boarded up for years and is screaming for a makeover!

Um yeah. 

This has been the most amazing process so far. It's insane what happens when you actually put your mind to something and start asking for help. 

In a few short weeks we've already enrolled a team of leaders to help us create the curriculum and teach the course. 

I'm also lucky enough to be working with people in my new professional life who are already interested in this kind of work and didn't flinch when I asked for help. Amazing!

Can't wait to share more as it all develops. It's honestly the most exciting, empowering feeling.

I hope as you follow our progress, you'll see how POSSIBLE it is for anyone to create change and that you'll be inspired to start something powerful of your own.

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