Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Prepare to Launch!

It's been a great few weeks and there are some promising developments on the horizon.

Firstly, this blog...I found an incredible human being named Xenia who agreed to help me with the technical aspects of maintaining

I posted an ad on Craigslist- the only site I probably spend more time on than this one- and she came to my rescue.

Not only does she know her shit, she offered to help me on the house!!! Why? "That's how I roll," she said. Sounds like the coolest chick ever.

She's starting her own web development company and in all her spare time, she's helping me, a complete stranger, for FREE! These people really exist. Amazing.

SO, we are working on bringing all the magic to fruition so this blog can be all it's meant to be.

I'm aiming for July 13th for the big day. I'll keep you posted. I'll also ask you to share it with anyone and everyone you know.

Also on the horizon...some awesome job prospects. After coming close and losing out on a commercial writing position last week, it was really nice to bounce back with another potential offer.

I'll share more when it becomes a reality. Also made a new friend who showed interest in my commercial work, so we'll see where that take me.

All good things! Hoping the same is true for you. Have a great Wednesday!!!


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  1. Good for you MissMoJo...Good to see you are sticking with it. I've been consistent and I'm looking to take my blog to the next level as well. Craigslist....Hmmmm...I think I'll try. Keep Blogging!!!